The largest Botanical Garden in the country is located about 500m from República Guest House.

In this Garden you can find immense species of plants and trees, some hundreds of years old.

O Jardim da Sereia é outro espaço verde onde os nossos hóspedes poderão disfrutar de bons momentos.

This garden, located even closer, is right on Praça da República, and offers a place to walk or simply relax, perhaps drinking tea in its Tea House.

Complying with tradition, but here already in sneakers, there is also the journey “from Choupal to Lapa”. Mata do Choupal, next to the Mondego River, offers a variety of spaces for sports, leisure or picnics.

Parque da Cidade and Parque Verde Mondego are spaces that are an extension of downtown where our Guests can spend excellent moments.

The riverside area is very pleasant for practicing sports, reading, or simply resting and relaxing.

Serra da Lousã is about 20 minutes from Coimbra and offers a huge variety of outdoor activities.

For seaside lovers, Figueira da Foz, which is about 40 minutes away, combines the sea at Praia da Figueira da Foz and Buarcos, with Serra da Boa Viagem.


The central area of the country is rich in gastronomic diversity and originality.

Very close to the city of Coimbra we find the best places to taste Leitão da Bairrada, Cabrito, Chanfana, Fresh Fish and Seafood.

In the city there are several quality restaurants with the most diverse specialties.

Coimbra's traditional convent sweets are not to be missed!

History / Unesco

Coimbra is a beautiful city of narrow streets, courtyards, stairs and medieval arches, with more than 1300 years of history.

Here were born the 6 Kings of the 1st Dynasty, as well as the 1st University, founded in 1290.

Coimbra was the Capital of Portugal until 1255, later becoming Lisbon, until today.

Walking through the streets of Coimbra, whether in Alta, formerly Almedina, where the aristocrats, clergymen and later students lived, or in Baixa, with commerce, handicrafts and the old riverside neighborhoods, is a walk where you can breathe history and culture .

On June 22, 2013, the University of Coimbra, Alta and Rua da Sofia were classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

In the city of Coimbra there are countless historical reasons. There are lots of monuments, stories, legends to live and learn.

The Portugal dos Pequenitos theme park geared towards the little ones, founded by Professor Bissaya Barreto, gives the little ones the chance to discover, not only from the outside, but from the inside as well, the various typical houses and monuments of Portugal.